Our body has its own defense mechanisms which protect us in certain situations and prevent serious damage.

For example, when we get a cut and start bleeding, our blood gets thicker and a scab forms to prevent us from bleeding out. This is our blood clotting and that’s how our body stops bleeding. However, sometimes these blood clots can happen even if we don’t need them and in such situations it can lead to serious and even fatal consequences. Blood clots can cause a stroke or a heart attack which is why you need to know how to recognize if they happen and seek medical help. his is how you can recognize if someone is in danger of a blood clot :

1.Swelling in one limb. This is a symptom of a kind of blood clot known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that prevents blood flow in the circulation system. DVT is especially dangerous because it prevents oxygen from reaching vital organs, explains Prevention.


2. Leg pain or tenderness.
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