The healing properties of raw potatoes are known since long ago in traditional medicine, even though it is believed that potatoes shouldn’t be consumed raw. In fact, only their skin shouldn’t be consumed because it’s toxic. What’s dangerous for your health is an unripe potato with green skin. The danger lies in solanine, a poison that is created in the sprouts and the green parts of potatoes.

Raw Potato Juice Abounds in Health Benefits

Raw potato juice is used in the popular Breuss treatment against cancer and lately it has started gaining a growing significance as a truly effective means in the fight against liver and kidney diseases, as well as a great fighter against heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatic diseases, and many more. Apart from all the benefits previously mentioned, drinking raw potato juice is also a great way to boost one’s immunity. It also helps to relieve frequent headaches and menstrual cramps. Other benefits of this drink include:

  • It cleanses the body from toxins;
  • It treats problematic skin;
  • It lowers the blood sugar;
  • It helps cure diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • It protects from cardiovascular diseases.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, this juice serves as an excellent purifier of problematic skin, while its high levels of vitamin C and starch nourish the skin and prevent its aging. If used as a face mask, it perfectly cleanses and tightens skin. Besides that, it is very useful in the fight against cellulite. All you need to do is regularly massage the critical areas with pieces of raw potato.

Raw potato juice is really easy to make. First, thoroughly wash the potato and remove all sprouts and green parts from it. Next, shred the potato, place it in a piece of cloth or gauze and squeeze the juice out of the shredded pieces. You can also use a juicer to do this. Raw potato juice should always be consumed freshly prepared and it can be combined with fruit and vegetable juices to one’s liking (apple, carrot, lemon juice or others). To sweeten, add honey.