You probably know all about the fancy Himalayan pink sea salt by now. The salt is considered a far better option than regular table salt due to the variety of minerals it contains. The so-called Himalayan salt got its name from the location where it’s mined from – the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, Myanmar, China and India. It’s actually an ancient type of salt which offers a wide range of health benefits.

More than two-hundred millions of years ago, crystallized salt beds in the Himalayas were covered by lava. This allowed the salt to stay fresh for millennia and clean from any irritants. The Himalayan pink sea salt is the purest form of sea salt in the world, and can significantly improve your overall health. If you’ve been wondering why is it pink, it’s actually due to the various mineral content.

Health benefits of Himalayan salt

The minerals the Himalayan salt contains work in synergy in the sodium and can treat and prevent a variety of health problems. Here are the salt’s benefits:

Rich in iodine

Iodine is actually naturally present in the Himalayan salt, which means it doesn’t have to be artificially added.

Less sodium per serving

Although it has the same components of table salt, the crystal structure of Himalayan salt is larger, so there’s actually a lower level of sodium per serving.

Packs more than 80 healthy minerals

The Himalayan pink sea salt contains over 80 important minerals including strontium, bromide, potassium, sulphate, magnesium, fluoride, bicarbonate and borate. Thanks to these minerals, it can regulate your electrolyte, fluid and pH balance, fortifies your bones, prevent muscle cramps, hydrate your body, keep your metabolism running, improve circulation and eliminate toxins and chemicals from your body. According to some experts it can also boost your libido, reduce the signs of aging and eliminate heavy metals in your body.

Himalayan pink sea salt vs. sea salt

Although it comes from the mountains, the Himalayan salt is actually a type of sea salt. It comes from a salty water body and as we said, it’s the purest type of salt in the world. If you think it’s the same thing as regular table salt, you couldn’t be more wrong. Table salt is incredibly processed and stripped of almost all the minerals inside it. Furthermore, it’s also chemically bleaches and exposed to high temperatures which ruin its structure.

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