Potatoes can be said to be one of the favorite plants all over the world. They contain carbohydrates, which provide one’s organism with energy, and thus they have become one of the basic foods for many people. However, even though potatoes are very popular and taste delicious, the way they are usually prepared it’s quite unhealthy.
Unfortunately, most of us consume them in the worst possible way, either as French fries or potato chips, both of which are usually very salty and abound in unhealthy trans-fatty acids that can damage the blood vessels. Furthermore, baked potatoes are also very frequently prepared with too much margarine or other additives, such as cream cheese and bacon, and thus they are full of fats. This is why the healthy potato has become one of the factors that can cause heart attack. However, if you remove the fatty and salty additives, potatoes turn out to be a great source of healthy ingredients. They have low calories and are a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, potassium, manganese, and fibers. Therefore, we can say that potatoes are anti-carcinogenic food that helps to protect the blood vessels and not to damage them.

The best way to cook potatoes is to simply boil them and add some salt and some olive oil or butter afterwards. They can also be healthy when baked in the oven, but you shouldn’t add too much oil, butter or margarine. Even though French fries and chips are the most popular forms of potato consumption, they should be avoided or entirely excluded from one’s diet.
Potatoes are considered unhealthy because of the starch contained in them
Potatoes’ reputation as a healthy food is jeopardized because of the large amount of starch and carbohydrates contained in them. However, the latest analytical methods have shown slightly different findings that are in favor of potatoes. For instance, the Phytochemical Profilers Investigate Potato Benefits study, carried out in 2007, points out the findings of the genetic Roy Navara, who has identified 60 different types of phytochemicals and vitamins in potatoes. Some nutritionists claim that these ingredients are equally powerful as the ones contained in broccoli, spinach, and kale, which protect from cardiovascular diseases, breathing problems, and certain types of cancer.

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