The Hay Diet

Dr. William Howard Hay taught his patients that there are four basic causers of piling up of acids in the body, the final products of digestion:

  1. Excessive consumption of meat;
  2. Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates;
  3. Disregard of the chemical processes that take place during digestion;
  4. Constipation

Rules for Healthy Diet:

  • Starch and sugar shouldn’t be consumed together with proteins and acidic food (fruit) at the same meal;
  • The main components of one’s diet should be vegetables, salads, and fruits;
  • Proteins, starch and fats should be consumed in small quantities;
  • One’s diet should include only wholegrain cereals (ground whole grains, which retain their bran) and unprocessed starch.
  • All refined and processed food should be excluded from one’s diet (especially white flour and white sugar and the products made from them, as well as all processed fats, such as margarine).
  • One should wait at least 4- 4 ½ hours in between the consumption of different meals.

In the text below, we offer an explanation about why you shouldn’t mix proteins and starch in the course of one meal.


Digestion of Starch and Proteins

Protein digestion requires acidic environment and it begins in the stomach. When proteins of animal origin enter the stomach, they incite the production of the acid that activates the enzyme called pepsin, the function of which is to degrade and digest proteins into peptides. The presence of starch or sugars disrupts or neutralizes the acidic environment, and thus the food proteins are not entirely digested.

On the other hand, carbohydrate digestion (starch and sugar) requires an alkaline environment and begins in the mouth. Therefore, all starchy food has to be chewed well, or otherwise the small intestines will not be able to properly proceed with the food digestion. The presence of meat or other types of food that lead to the production of acid, as well as the presence of acidic fruit, stop the work of the saliva and thus the starch ceases to degrade.

This is why proteins and carbohydrates should not be mixed together during the same meal.

In order to get an ideal ratio between alkaline and acidic food (4:1) during the course of one day, one should consume the following meals:

  • Only one protein meal;
  • Only one starchy meal;
  • Only one entirely alkaline meal;

Once in a while, you should consume 2-3 entirely alkaline meals a day. In this case you will have to determine “a fruit day” or “a vegetable day”, during which you should consume only fruits or vegetables. By doing this, you will entirely cleanse your organism from harmful toxins and thus we can also call this day “a health day”.

The amount of food is not that important as is the amount of food which the body can properly digest and absorb.

Balanced diet is composed of 20% of food that produces acids and 80% of food that produces alkali.

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