According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the face can reveal a lot about the condition of the internal body organs.

The mighty healers have used this method for millennia, and since the skin on the face is too sensitive, it easily reacts to internal problems and changes.

This method maintains that every part of the face is linked to a specific internal organ, so rashes, color changes, and pimples in the area will manifest any imbalance occurring in it.

Here is how to use this ancient wisdom and discover any issues occurring in the body, and how to treat them:

Forehead – Bladder and small intestine

Cause: This issue is a result of the excessive consumption of canned and fatty foods, stress, sugar, and alcohol.

Treatment: You should get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and alcohol, and eat a healthy diet.

The area between the eyebrows – Liver

Cause: This is a sign that your stomach is overburdened, and the liver cannot function properly.

Treatment: You should focus on healthy foods, and start walking, exercising yoga, and meditation.

Eyebrow arch – Kidneys

Cause: These problems are a result of weak heart muscle, excessive intake of alcohol, smoking, or poor circulation

Treatment: You should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sweetened drinks, and drink plenty of water.

Nose – Heart

Cause: The most common causes include bloating, flatulence, pollution, and poor circulation, as well as hypertension.

Treatment: You should be more physically active, regularly detoxify the body, and drink organic green tea on a daily basis.

Upper cheek area – Lungs

Cause: Smoking, asthma, and pollution.

Treatment: You should quit smoking, start exercising, and avoid being in polluted areas, and rooms filled with cigarette smoke.

Cheeks: Lungs and kidneys

Cause: Excessive sugar intake, smoking, stress, unhealthy dietary habits

Treatment: You should start eating healthy, drink plenty of water, and use high-quality skin care products.

Mouth and chin – Stomach

Cause: Excessive consumption of sugar, fat, caffeine, and alcohol. This might also be a result of stress, excessive consumption of spicy foods, and staying up late at night

Treatment: You should increase the intake of fresh fruits, and follow a healthy diet.

Jaw and neck: Hormones

Cause: Dehydration, caffeine intake, excessive consumption of salt, and seasoned food.

Treatment: You should avoid caffeine, salt, and seasonings, and drink a lot of water during the day.


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